Monday, July 27, 2009

it hurts.

ughh.. this is precisely the reason why i choose not to exert myself in strenuous physical activity. especially in public.

as i type, my biceps quiver. as i lift a forkful of tilapia to my mouth to re-stimulate ATP synthesis in my muscles, my arms falter. i turn my head up and down from keyboard to screen and i feel as though my nerves are being pinched in 7 different places down my spine. twelve hours from now, i'm going to be sitting stiff-necked at my desk thinking ::why on earth did you ever think working out was gonna be a good thing?!?:: least when a patient tells me he has pains in his rear, i will be able to sympathize completely (give or take 50 years)

and get this. after the class, miss instructor bounces her way over to me, not to introduce herself (this was my first time attending) but to let me know that she was very amused watching my attempts at vsksasana and shirsasana. dkflgnlskdh.

nevertheless, paul says

you yourselves are god's temple and god's spirit live in you. if anyone destroys god's temple, god will destroy him! 1 cor 3:16

oooh yikes! so what is a girl like me to do when In n Out runs and custard buns strike!? i mean, i can still rely on the vestiges of my fast metabolism but nutrition nerds all know that peaks around the age of 21.... which i am not..... >_< and surely god would not call us to obey a command so biologically unattainable right?? no. he wouldn't. and that is why he created the nintendowii. or at least, created genius japanese men and women to create the wii :D what better way to stay in shape and thwart the settlement of adipose tissue in the nether-regions than doing yoga and playing tennis all in the confines of my own home?? i fully resolve to .work out. at least an hour a week (shut up, i'm taking small steps) and bring my wii age down at least to the 30s. whoo! so exciting. of course, i won't be able to start until after i recover from this horribly excruciating pain....... how glorious the day will be when

the lord jesus christ, who by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform [my] lowly body so that it will be like his glorious body! phil 3:20

whoa talk about taking scripture out of context! hehe :D in conclusion, no matter what method you choose, this body that we've been given is holy. both inside and out. i think it's just as important to sculpt the heart mind as it is to maintain a healthy exterior.

thank you for reading this philosophical thought piece by yours truly.

Friday, July 17, 2009

track 8

though i have not seen him
my heart knows him well

i love that! ..but how well does my heart really know him?
that's my prayer tonight. that while he has searched me and knows me, i might do the same for my christ.