Saturday, February 21, 2009

another reason to love work.

"good morning mr. williams! i'm from nutrition, just checking to see how your breakfast was this morning."

"well i've been passing a lot of gas since before you came and i'm afraid the next one isn't gonna be gas."

"oh dear!! should i call in your nurse??"

"wait, you're not my nurse?"

"(thank goodness) no sir!"

(btw, mr. williams is a super cute old guy well into his 60s :D )

after the rain comes flowers like this one, completely saturating the trees with fuschiascity. yes.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

wicked awesome.

went to sf, saw the musical, came home happy.

holy cowseroni it was amAzing!
the entire musical was such a great adaptation of the book.. i daresay, it might even be better than the original publication. to say the least, i fell in love with the stage as well as the pit orchestra nestled underneath. sO impressed!

things have been busy, almost borderline chaotic around here but i have some crafty ideas coming this way so stay posted!

on a different note, i'm taking the amtrak home tomorrow and driving back in my new dream car.. aka. camry aka. mom car aka. 45-yr. old bachelor magnet. praise god! (for the car, i mean) i have no intention of attracting said men.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

a needle pulling thread

in december i hand-sewed nearly 30 strawberry pairs (about 60 individual..) to give to my friends and coworkers for christmas. despite mini blisters on my thumb and index finger, it was just about the funnest project i'd worked on in a lonnng time. ...i can feel my fingers starting to itch again seeing as valentine's day is just around the corner... >_< here's a simple idea i had.. they're attached to a piece of ribbon but i like how the lighting makes them look like floating hearts <3
(and thanks to alison, i finally figured out where to get my pictures poloroidized = ] )

i don't know about everywhere else, but this afternoon sacramento got some pretty awesome rain. i love the kind of rain that just pours down like no one's business. even though they're rather short-lived here in the valley, i love every minute of it. this time it actually me caught while i was in the bathroom... which happens to have a sky light window just above the ..well, you know. imagine my surprise when all of a sudden i thought i was being pelted by m&m's :D

story in a box

did you ever make dioramas in elementary school? i still remember my mom helping me make an underwater scene in an old shoebox with a blue cellophane backdrop and 3D tropical fishies hanging from the ceiling of the box. (note to self: dioramas = future classroom project)

this little :princess and the pea: scene comes from sugarcity's site. i lOve how it's a detour from the traditional diorama, bringing a simple fairytale scene come alive = ] sO cute!

now, who wants to start a discussion on the age-old question of why girls love fairytales? ^_<

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

did any one else know it was groundhog day yesterday?

ever since i bought my hp laptop about a year ago, i've been receiving email updates from them almost every week. i always delete them because really.. how many headphones and speaker sets do i need?! every now and then though, they have emails promoting their latest projects from their creative studio. for valentine's day they have a super cute and easy vintage card that you can print and assemble. a few days ago i saw cards like these at a french boutique shop down the street from my house selling for 8 bucks each! with a little glitter glue and scalloped edges these could look awesome = ]

my latest creations include about 27 pairs of pea pods, pattern found at mr. monkeysuit, and yet another pair of baby shoes for my sister's unborn child = ] it's amazing how much i can accomplish while watching House marathons on the USA channel.

oooh, and i just realized i'm going to see Wicked with Christina in exactly one week!!! yahoooo! :D

endless possibilities

unlike other people i know, fashion and style don't come easily to me. i can find singular items that i love love love, but as far as constructing an entire outfit that's all tied together from head to toe, i'm lost. thankfully, there's polyvore. you can select individual items to create ensembles at the click of the mouse. the best feature i think, is the option to sieve through the multitude of items by selecting a specific color scheme. whalaa!

i recently purchased this dress for a night out but unfortunately it never got to see the light of ..night. can yOu give me a reason to take it out for a spin?? as for the shoes, YSL will have to wait cuz my next $400 is going towards rent >_<

Monday, February 2, 2009

loving: purple flowers

i don't know if i would call myself creative. it's more like i feed off the creativity of others. i scroll through about 43982309 blogs a day (while sitting in my chair at work, of course) and frequently catch myself having a "holy cow!" moment where i'm absolutely floored by the creativity and inspiration of said blogger. on a few occasions, my ambitiousness would get the best of me and i'd end up with a sad version of an original seen online, and a kamikaze-run room full of paper scraps ..and glue in my hair, indefinitely.

nevertheless, nothing deters my from my affinity towards anything beautiful, inspired, and handmade. i'm hoping i can keep this new blog updated with interesting finds online, as well as some of my own creations. also, be prepared for some slightly off-topic anecdotes and narratives from time to time.

i like to think that this blog might be slightly representative of myself too. the name that i so cleverly came up with (with the help of >_<) seems to help get that started = ] my chinese name, 百樂 pronounced bai le, literally means "hundred joy" or just lots of joy. if i had any say in it, i'd say this name actually suits me quite well =] but then, didn't quite have the ring i was hoping for. so instead of sounding fob and grammerless, i settled with the more emo amaranthine. meaning never-ending, unfading ..and a little bit purple in color. i dO like purple quite a bit.