Monday, February 2, 2009

loving: purple flowers

i don't know if i would call myself creative. it's more like i feed off the creativity of others. i scroll through about 43982309 blogs a day (while sitting in my chair at work, of course) and frequently catch myself having a "holy cow!" moment where i'm absolutely floored by the creativity and inspiration of said blogger. on a few occasions, my ambitiousness would get the best of me and i'd end up with a sad version of an original seen online, and a kamikaze-run room full of paper scraps ..and glue in my hair, indefinitely.

nevertheless, nothing deters my from my affinity towards anything beautiful, inspired, and handmade. i'm hoping i can keep this new blog updated with interesting finds online, as well as some of my own creations. also, be prepared for some slightly off-topic anecdotes and narratives from time to time.

i like to think that this blog might be slightly representative of myself too. the name that i so cleverly came up with (with the help of >_<) seems to help get that started = ] my chinese name, 百樂 pronounced bai le, literally means "hundred joy" or just lots of joy. if i had any say in it, i'd say this name actually suits me quite well =] but then, didn't quite have the ring i was hoping for. so instead of sounding fob and grammerless, i settled with the more emo amaranthine. meaning never-ending, unfading ..and a little bit purple in color. i dO like purple quite a bit.

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