Thursday, February 5, 2009

a needle pulling thread

in december i hand-sewed nearly 30 strawberry pairs (about 60 individual..) to give to my friends and coworkers for christmas. despite mini blisters on my thumb and index finger, it was just about the funnest project i'd worked on in a lonnng time. ...i can feel my fingers starting to itch again seeing as valentine's day is just around the corner... >_< here's a simple idea i had.. they're attached to a piece of ribbon but i like how the lighting makes them look like floating hearts <3
(and thanks to alison, i finally figured out where to get my pictures poloroidized = ] )

i don't know about everywhere else, but this afternoon sacramento got some pretty awesome rain. i love the kind of rain that just pours down like no one's business. even though they're rather short-lived here in the valley, i love every minute of it. this time it actually me caught while i was in the bathroom... which happens to have a sky light window just above the ..well, you know. imagine my surprise when all of a sudden i thought i was being pelted by m&m's :D


  1. Ooh, that is a cool picture!! I'm going to call you and get instructions for how you made those hearts. Time for me to use all that felt that I bought!

  2. being pelted with m & m's is pretty awesome ... :D i love rain too. especially when you're inside taking a nap under the covers. yeahhhhh.

    cool project! it would be awesome to be a recipient of handmade hearts -- strawberries is my code word for -------!