Tuesday, October 27, 2009

reading and prayer

sometimes, i just really don't want to study. if it's a choice between reading pages and pages of research studies (where i'm constantly hitting myself for not paying more attention to metabolic pathways in undergrad) or cutting up paper into a puzzle of minuscule pieces and then gluing them all together, i choose sharp scissors and my new pack of glue stick. and then i wonder why i decided to study more nutrition instead of becoming an elementary school teacher = ]

something about prayer

sometimes prayers end
with a little word: amen.

that tiny word
holds a big meaning:

let it be so!

so, prayer is not passive.

prayer is never therapy
or wishful thinking.

it is inherently active
and productive.

..prayer accomplishes.
prayer is the ridiculous being born.

jwdf -d. everts

..and paper figurines of jesus are a little creepy. especially if he has a rotating head
:D but sO cool!

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Kiva - Acacia Fellowship

Sunday, October 25, 2009

sometimes you just have to think about happy things..

why today was a great day:

- i woke up early enough to get to church on time.. sort of.

- dinner at work = chicken marsala, 2 root beer floats and a bag of cheetos yuM

- helped an old mandarin speaking guy pick out foods he likes when the RN couldn't figure out why he never ate anything ..for the last 10 days >_< (unfortunately i was at a loss for words, both english and chinese, when he told me he had no idea what his doctor ever tells him)

- pulled out 3 white hairs from the back of my head and decided i might as well start my crown of splendor early

- playing old school stream of praise songs in my car

- old books and fall trees

Thursday, October 22, 2009

good morning.

he watches over you
he is your shade at your right hand
the sun will not harm you by day
nor the moon at night
he will keep you from all harm
he will watch over your life
he will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore

i've had tons of blog worthy thoughts these last few weeks.. days.. just didn't have time to convert them into comprehensible thought pieces in digital form. even now i'm simultaneously untangling my hair, pulling on socks, and trying to find something that matches to wear for work (need to be out the door asap!!) but regardless of what i write or what pseudo-thought provoking ideas i have, the answer (like in all bible study discussions = ] ) is always god. and so this is my prayer for today..

god i don't always understand the things that go on in this world, in this country, in my circle of friends, in my life... but i believe that you are merciful, that you are just, and above all else, that you love us so much. so i pray for wisdom to acknowledge you in all things and a heart that longs to serve you and others in a way that glorifies your name.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

dear lord,

my desire is to wake up with praises on my lips.
my desire is to be overwhelmed by your creation.
my desire is to pray consistently for the ones i love.
my desire is to talk with you as if you were always by my side.
my desire is to have a heart full of joy and thankfulness for your mercy and grace.
my desire is to cherish this brief time i have on earth with my family and friends.
my desire is to be satisfied with only you alone.
my desire is to convey the passion i feel in my soul through my actions.
my desire is to go to sleep whispering your name.

lord, you put these things in my heart and with your help, make them happen.
i love you. amen.

Monday, October 5, 2009

oil change in 200 more miles.

my parents came to visit me this weekend.. yay! it's becoming harder and harder to find time to go home and visit these days..

after they left, my entire neighborhood lost power for about an hour. no big deal.. i just turned off my laptop, lit a few candles and decided i was gonna do what the amish do and go to sleep early. i also started thinking a little bit more than usual because that's what happens when i'm not staring at a glowing screen all day = ]

i love being with my parents. i don't really notice it but there's a lot of things to think about when i'm living on my own - whether my refrigerator's stocked with things i can easily grab on my way out to work, if my bills are all paid on time, that my car gets an oil change every 5000 miles, i'm scheduled for dentist appointments every 6 months... it seems like at least for a moment, all that load is taken off when i'm with my parents. i guess that's just the mentality i've gotten used to growing up.. as long as my mom and dad are around, i have nothing to worry about.

before they drove up, my mom called to ask me if i still had enough toothpaste.. shampoo.. spaghetti sauce.. socks.. warm sweaters.. hehee

but jesus says, if you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him. i definitely think that my parents fall pretty low on the evil scale but in comparison, christ is infinitely more loving and caring than they could ever be. how crazy is that!? that his love is more deep and more wide than the love of these two people who would do anything for me. my prayer today is that i learn to put even more trust in my god..

things that i love today:
freshly ground coffee
vanilla torani syrup
pandora -playing music like yiruma
spiral bound notebooks

what do you love today?