Tuesday, October 27, 2009

reading and prayer

sometimes, i just really don't want to study. if it's a choice between reading pages and pages of research studies (where i'm constantly hitting myself for not paying more attention to metabolic pathways in undergrad) or cutting up paper into a puzzle of minuscule pieces and then gluing them all together, i choose sharp scissors and my new pack of glue stick. and then i wonder why i decided to study more nutrition instead of becoming an elementary school teacher = ]

something about prayer

sometimes prayers end
with a little word: amen.

that tiny word
holds a big meaning:

let it be so!

so, prayer is not passive.

prayer is never therapy
or wishful thinking.

it is inherently active
and productive.

..prayer accomplishes.
prayer is the ridiculous being born.

jwdf -d. everts

..and paper figurines of jesus are a little creepy. especially if he has a rotating head
:D but sO cool!

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