Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i should be studying for my final.

i forgot to write what i'm thankful for during this season of.. thankfulness. wait. there's a name for that...

i'm loving my lord more and more everyday.

one year ago, i crashed my car. it was pretty freaking scary and to this day, i still get goosebumps thinking about it. a year ago, i was also pretty distraught with my life here in sac. after graduating, i never intended to stay in this city for very long.. always scouting career sites looking for a new job elsewhere. either that or trying to get away from nutrition and start fresh. radiology tech.. school teacher.. frozen yogurt cashier.. no church, no community, no work benefits, no staple chinese take-out restaurant.. i think the highlight of my life was a little bunny that kept my feet warm at night in cold, empty apartment. while i never gave up my complete reliance on god at that time and i never stopped acknowledging his presence, i also never fully trusted in his plan in my life.

today, i put my trust in god not because of where he's brought me but because of his grace and mercy for a little stinker like me. having a job, getting into a master's program (at davis of all places!), living in a house where i can wear shorts during the winter and driving an awesome rice rocket mom-car is amazing. but not as amazing as christ's love for me.


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