Tuesday, December 29, 2009

never a dull day.

this is my brother. he's kind of a large muscle-y booger but i rather like him.

today was quite an exhausting day. i am neither superstitious nor do i believe in numerology. but funny things happened today that i thought i'd document.

rule of 3's [i promise, no one dies]

1. i waited through 3 red lights before turning left into the arden fair/best buy parking lot. bonus: i also witnessed a 3rd finger wave as the guy in front of me couldn't make it past the yellow light. i shall like to mention that now is not a good time to venture near shopping centers.

2. i sat through 3 different free wifi locations before i finally went home with a dead laptop and unsteady hands. i've since realized that my small frame can only take so much coffee. fyi for future wifi expeditions: panera bread limits wifi access to 30 minutes during peak lunch time hours. and borders has unlimited access but no wall outlets - which is basically access dependent on the life of your battery.

3. i pulled up to 3 different gas pumps at ampm before i finally started pumping gas into my grandma-mobile. i kept getting disoriented and couldn't figure out where my gas tank was. luckily i only got out 2 out of the 3 times = ]

i happen to be a little more scatterbrained than most people.. which is why i get into messes like these. ie. leaving my keys in the lock on the wrong side of the door, finding a cereal box in the refrigerator, getting on the wrong freeway to places i've been to a hundred times, etc.. sometimes it's frustrating and a waste of time and gas.. but i thank god for these mini adventures. i love that i still find reasons to laugh at myself and even more reason to discover joy in life.

ps. to close the day, i drove around sac international airport terminal B 3 times before picking up a friend. god is good even when i leave my cell phone at home.

merry christmas my friends.

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