Sunday, January 3, 2010

thinking about new years, world peace and dirty cars

the female portion of acacia on new year's eve. i am so blessed to know you all!

today i'd like to share with you one of my biggest dislikes. although it's not nearly comparable to things like human trafficking, unfair labor laws, and malnutrition, i do believe it deserves mention.

[regarding the aforementioned issues, this is in no way meant to diminish its significance or compare it to the silliness that i am about to disclose. i do pray for the people who are working to curb this evilness and look for ways that i can help]

speaking of evil. i hate leaf blowers. so much. there is nothing in my present situation that makes me more irritated than these backpack strapped monstrosities. let me share with you my experience:

in the midst of this wintery season, i often wake up to a world blown over with dewy beauty. as little droplets of condensation cover the grass and rooftops, i almost feel like time is standing still.. awaiting the entrance of galadriel through the clouds. (+1 point for nerd reference!!) even my car is covered in dew drops! of course this is not so convenient when i haven't mastered the art of defogging/defrosting my windows.. but i'm still in my sleep clothes so i'll worry about that later.

the only thing that can ruin this serene moment is the start-up whizzing of that stupid leafblower. strapped onto the back of a guy wearing noise-canceling earmuffs, the gardener prepares to make his way across the front yard blasting away anything that stands in his way - be it dead roach carcasses, dried up leaves, dried up dog poo, dirt... really, that's all fine. i respect the vocation of a gardener and thank god that i live in a place where i don't have to worry about maintaining the exterior of my home.

that is, until he begins leaf blowing all the crud he's collected out into the street for the wednesday afternoon street cleaning crew. you see, not having a place of my own (although currently the ideal situation for me) comes with a few set backs. one of them being not having a garage to drive into each night. that said, as mr. gardener moves his collection closer and closer to the street, he's also moving closer and closer to my parked car. still don't understand where i'm going with this? let me share with you an analogous situation:

you're in second grade. it's valentine's day and your class is working on some decorations for the classroom. where i come from, valentine's day is synonymous to glue, glitter, and construction paper of all shades of red. after you've cut out your heart, you smear glue all over the front in a very intricate pattern (or so you think). you then grab the container of glitter and madly shake it over your heart, making sure you cover the anatomically disproportionate organ completely. oh, your mom's gonna be so proud... (or so you think) making sure the glitters caught on, you turn the heart upside-down to shake off the excess glitter. ahhh you're thinking to yourself, so beautiful.'re also thinking, crap i have pink glitter all over my pantalones.

get it?!? my car is the cut out heart. the morning dew is the glue. mr. gardener is the overexcited little kid blowing a confetti of earth over my car. ARGHH! can you feel my irritation?

i love modern technology.. producing such things as an automatic stapler or an electric toothbrush is amazing! i've realized that we live in an age where inventions are sprung day after day to enable our laziness.. case in point, i may have shared before that my arm got sore brushing my teeth with an ordinary toothbrush when i'd left my sonicare at home for a week. this is the way we live and we have to accommodate to the changes. plus, mr. gardener needs to make a living clearing people's lawns as efficiently as possible. unfortunately for me since i don't have time to wash my car every week, i just have to stick up with driving out each day with my debris encrusted grandma-mobile. mehhh.

i guess the moral of my story is, fancy inventions come with a cost. dirty cars, atrophied arm muscles, etc... perhaps god is calling me to put behind my laziness. ^_< seems like i've just talked myself into a new year's resolution.

actually albert, our gardener is really very nice. and i love that he helped me plant my tomatoes last year :D

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