Tuesday, February 3, 2009

did any one else know it was groundhog day yesterday?

ever since i bought my hp laptop about a year ago, i've been receiving email updates from them almost every week. i always delete them because really.. how many headphones and speaker sets do i need?! every now and then though, they have emails promoting their latest projects from their creative studio. for valentine's day they have a super cute and easy vintage card that you can print and assemble. a few days ago i saw cards like these at a french boutique shop down the street from my house selling for 8 bucks each! with a little glitter glue and scalloped edges these could look awesome = ]

my latest creations include about 27 pairs of pea pods, pattern found at mr. monkeysuit, and yet another pair of baby shoes for my sister's unborn child = ] it's amazing how much i can accomplish while watching House marathons on the USA channel.

oooh, and i just realized i'm going to see Wicked with Christina in exactly one week!!! yahoooo! :D


  1. I did know it was groundhog's day! only cause my students reminded me.... haha.

    how come I never receive those cool updates from hp?! :(

    yay for Wicked in a week! woohoo

  2. wicked was awesome ... you're going to love it. also, the baby shoes are adorable! ever thought about opening an etsy shop?