Saturday, April 10, 2010

there's a hunger for more and more..

do you ever start reading something - a book, a blog post, newspaper article.. and before you know it, you're cOmpletely blown out of your pants because of how hard it hits you at the very core of your being?! most days i feel like i just can't sit still.

the thing that keeps running through my mind as i read is this: if we call ourselves christians and we truly believe the bible to be true and the life of jesus to be the life we live to reflect, how should things be different?? i can't say that i'm completely there but i'm learning sO much.. and it's exciting and crazy and slightly unsettling (read mark 13) and super amazing. most of the time i'm not sure how to process all this or even what to think so i just start scribbling stuff down in my journal.. but i continue to pray that god moves me. not just within in me, but to let it cause a ripple effect around me. how humbling it is to experience the power of christ and yet to allow that strength to empower us to move in his kingdom for his glory. ahh freaking amazing.

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