Saturday, July 10, 2010

summer movies

wow. i'm thinking i kinda want to go see twilight now >_< i mean.. what's better than true love, chivalry, and a manly man?? hahaa just kidding.. sort of. i don't condone the obsession that's grown from this saga, but like they say, it's obvious why its become so overwhelmingly popular: mr. pale-face is a protector, always there, has only her best interests in mind..

i know someone greater who does that in real life.

next up, TOY STORY 3!!!! wow. sO good. the best part in the movie was when andy introduces the gang to bonnie in the end. basically the tear duct dams malfunctioned when he pulls out woody. no movie spoilers here ..but such a perfect ending to the toy story trilogy. ^_^

who wants to watch the karate kid next tuesday??

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