Wednesday, August 17, 2011

airport love

oh dears.  it seems that amidst all the hustle and bustle of things around here, i've neglected this little blog of mine.  basically, about a million things have happened since my last story telling event.

most recently has been the send off of my dear mother to the great and magnificent SFO.  forgive me as i'm not a seasoned traveler under any comparison so my enthusiasm may seem a little out there.. but that place is sWeet!!  first, the roadways leading into the central building - most excellent and easy to navigate.  (as were all the roadways germinating outwards away from the airport and onto the freeway).  second, i did not get a chance to explore further, but there's a skytrain?!?  how much for a ride??  third, rows and rows of terminals giving people the possibility of landing themselves anywhere within one rotation of the earth's time.  four, automatic soap dispenser.  toilet, yes.  faucet, yes.  but soap dispenser?!  world class, yo.

this list could continue for quite some time before i run out of trivial details to dote on.  but then, i'd completely forget to mention the moral to this story that i'd come online to publish.

that up there is my mom.  yay mom!  to describe her in 10 words or less, she is the woman i hope to become.  shore, she has some interesting quirks and tendencies and such just as all of us do.  but mostly, i think i'd be okay if i inherited a fraction of her good qualities.

alright SFO, CNY 2012 - we will meet again!!!


  1. didja know there's a pinkberry in SFO too? :)

  2. and dyson airblades in the bathroom.

    heartwarming to see you wanna be like your mom!