Monday, May 17, 2010

387 miles away.

me and my brother used to fight a lot. (we also used to pretend to be power rangers and build forts with the dining room chairs and my parent's bed spread...) i remember once he was so mad at me he took a box of my mom's sewing needles and sprinkled them all over the carpet around my bed. on a separate occasion, he took a bottle of baby powder and covered my entire room with the smell of baby butt. if i'd done anything to cause him to be so mad at me, unfortunately he was the only one who got in trouble >_<

fast forward 10 or 15 years.. he's still a little punk. but even though we're separated by 4 years, to my surprise, we have so much to talk about. i love to hear about his new school projects, he loves to hear about my <3 issues.. i love to tease him about his emo-mushiness, while he delivers pep talks to me from the floor of his beach side garage.

love my brother. just thought i'd share that with you today.

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