Saturday, May 8, 2010

we can do it!

#120 The Boundless Podcast

interesting podcast that i was listening to at work today.. if you have time to listen to the entire thing, go for it! otherwise, tune in at about 18 minutes. the host interviews author and former wall street chick shaunti feldhahn about the way men perceive women. this was actually pretty interesting seeing as i am not a man (as much as i deny possessing any girly stereotypes) and do not think like a man. in a very short span of time, she talks about a few differences between the way men and women think, as well as a very specific relational issue between us girls and the doods.

..and if you're sometimes like me, tired of being completely saturated
in relational advice and such, you may choose to check out
the trailer for babies that came out this weekend
and the karate kid coming out in june. wooooo

my thoughts:

compartmentalization. shaunti says guys cannot multitask like us girls -- but it's okay because that's the way they were created.. and this ability actually makes it easier for work to get done.

i've heard girl friends frustratingly describe their male coworkers being completely different at work and outside. once in work mode, it's like he hangs a sign on himself saying "don't touch!!". i work in an office full o' girls so i don't know.. but i've heard girls ask "what happened to my friend??" on our end (though we are naturally more prone to social encounters than guys to begin with), we automatically think the doods are poops and socially incompetant. but perhaps there's more to them than we give credit.. por ejemplo:

my dad. when i was still living at home, i remember he'd always ask me to help him scan documents into the computer, proofread his emails, send faxes... admittedly, sometimes i'd wonder how in the world he gets along at work. and then one day i went to work with him and he became my super hero. he was calling people left and right, emailing the VP back and forth on his blackberry, faxing novels across the country and talking like someone who didn't copy lecture notes from the white girl sitting next to him in college. that's when i realized how blessed i was to have a dad who can be el jefe at work but be able to come home and wrestle and joke and not know how to send an email.

compartmentalization - ie. the ability to separate work from personal life so that each mode gets 100% attention.. is actually pretty admirable.


shaunti says because women are able to multitask, we are able to process a high degree of emotions and still be able to function normally.

oh i don't know about this. three letters. PMS. hahahaa

"when they see any sign of emotion, they assume that all logic has ceased."



next topic. as women in this age, we're told to get an education, get a career, be able to support yourself and fix your car on your own.. i've done that! and now.. we're said to be too intimidating to men. this isn't the first time i've heard this. even my mom was commenting last weekend on my super independence and how perhaps this may be why i am still unattached. hahaa i can think of several alternative explanations why this might be true... ^_^ shaunti says that at the core of every guy is someone who very much wants to be a leader, to be challenged, to tackle mount everest, to do something great. but what is a guy to do when the girls have already climbed everest and the himalayas?? though not "unfortunately", but this is the culture we've been brought up in and circumstances have caused us to have to "fend" for ourselves, thus creating the model of a woman who can do anything. however, at the same time i believe that the biblical model of the woman's role is good and right and in the end, it demonstrates something even larger. ie. the relationship between christ and the church. and really, i think i'm okay with that.

so how does one deal?


independence.. strength.. what if underneath all this,

"heaven forbid, we may actually want a family, and eventually i might not even want to work at all and i want to have my kids!"


>_< i have a few other thoughts but my eyeballs are tired and the laptop is dying.

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  1. what a long post! my eyeballs are tired from reading it! jkjk

    I don't think independence is bad. There are always aspects of us that require us to be dependent self-defense as an obvious example, or maybe even handling situations that we typically aren't really good at..hence attraction of the opposites. And how would you know what's good for you unless you know who you are?