Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i'm so I.


interesting article.. I feel like I just read the story is my life. before going to dccc, I was attending a church that had such a thing as coffee time. hated it. basically I always coincidentally had to go pee at exactly the same time we were instructed to mingle.

my introvertivity is still something that I struggle with a lot. seeing so many other people who have no problem being comfortable in big groups often makes me feel like a poop. and it takes a lot of convincing myself that my worth is in christ, who created me and not so much my ability to stand out in a big crowd.

and the word is true.. just as each of us has a body and each member does not all have the same function. so in Christ, we who are many form one body and each member belongs to another. Romans 12

Sokay to be me. but hopefully I can still serve god's people (also Rom 12) to the best of my abilities.. and to be willing to be used by god by his grace and through his strength.

and now I'll go back into my closet for a few more hours. = ]

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  1. hey thanks for the article. i still struggle with being an introvert a lot too, although i'm a lot better than my college days when i hated going to fellowship... what i learned is that a lot of fellowship happens in smaller groups, that is where God uses people like us.