Friday, September 10, 2010

side bangs.

I cut my bangs yesterday because they were way past my maximum length standard.  you see once they start getting as long as my sideburns, matters must be taken into my own hands.

so crouched above my garbage can with a pair of scissors, presumably acquired from a trip to the dollar store, I proceeded to snip away at this mess of hair.  unfortunately neither do I know what I'm doing nor can I even see what's going on. (glasses get in the way of hair cutting and it was too early in the morning for my contacts to be in)

if you can imagine, the outcome was not desirable.

the reason why I tell you all this is because here I am at work.. and my sidebangs keep getting in the way.  whether I'm trying to look at the computer screen or talking to a patient I'm constantly trying to sweep my bangs into place behind my ear.  except that they misbehave and fall back.

worst yet, there's about 13 strands of hair that always go astray and fall right in front of my nose.  extremely inconvenient.  its like having someone stick feathers in your nose.  makes me look like I'm picking my nose or something when all I'm doing is scratching my nose like crazy cuz the hairs keep flying up my nostrils.


I always have the worst of luck with my hair.

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