Thursday, March 15, 2012

right now, i am...

...thankful that while people are secretly using my mildly overpriced shampoo and bodywash, god has blessed me with a job that allows me to buy more as needed.

...thirsty because 4 years of living without a kitchen has completely undomesticated me, causing me to over-salt my rainy day pot of soup =/

...wishing i could transform my studio into one of those hot compact ikea floorplans that include a real kitchen and refrigerator.

...reading the secret power of middle children: how middleborns can harness their unexpected and remarkable abilities  hehee

...grateful that while i fit into many middleborn stereotypes, my parents had done their best to treat all the kiddies equally and i do not suffer nearly as drastically as those described in the book ;)

...wondering what would be the best way to keep my schedule straight.  i've tried calendars, planners, post-it notes, writing on my hands, using my phone.. nothing works.

...figuring out how to rearrange my furniture (again) to fit my new tv.

...disappointed at bunny after unearthing a solid patch of missing rug while moving around furniture, where he'd completely eaten through it.

i love my seester!  <3

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