Sunday, April 8, 2012

a lady by 27: be a better cook

following a recent conversation, i realized just how unappealing some of my habits can be.  i could blame it on a lot of different factors such as living on my own and operating from a nontraditional work schedule, but the simple answer is that i'm lazy.  if christians believed in reincarnation, i'd probably want to come back as a koala.  eat.. pass out.. repeat.  except better judgment tells me that's not okay for life as a lady.  it's ironic that oftentimes i expect so much from a guy - qualities that are necessary for manlihood.  but then if i were to measure myself against the female version of that same scale, i'd never make it!  maybe karma should make me a hippo instead cuz i'm so hippo-critical ;)

since my birthday is coming up in a few weeks, i decided instead of updating my bucket list of things to do before i turn 30, i'm gonna try and highlight a few habits that i ought to reconsider as i near closer to the end of my 20s.  i'm not so good at continuing dedicated blog series like some people, but it's worth a shot.  so here's my take on how to be a lady:

be a better cook

i realize i love shocking people with my weirdO diet preferences, knowing that i'm a nutrition major.  i'm proud of my affinity towards doughnut holes, frosted flakes and a good cheeseburger and of course my complete breakfast of.. coffee.  but better judgment tells me that's not okay.  neither is the fact that my refrigerator staples only include lactaid milk, orange juice, butter and an accumulation of assorted condiments and sauces =/

if i'm so comfortable with my current set up, why consider being a better cook?  i can think of a couple good reasons.  it's healthy, economical, and it's what my mom did and i seemed to turn out pretty well.  nutritionally speaking, eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables is the best defense from chronic diseases and preventable cancers.  obesity is also a byproduct of our culture's need to satiate hunger with fast, affordable meals prepared by stranger hands.  no bueno en mi libro.  as a lady, these are important factors to consider.  for self, for family, and for a skinnier america.  hahaa mebbe jk about the last one.

up there is my attempt at crab cakes with a chipotle sauce.  recipe courtesy of my sister who's mastered the art of womanliness :D

up next: take control of messes

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