Friday, April 20, 2012

a lady by 27: well read

well-read (wlrd) adj.  Knowledgeable through having read extensively.

the problem i have is not having read extensively.  that part is easy peasy pumpkin squeezy, as my coworker would say.  the challenge is in developing the information into usable and applicable knowledge.  this is what i consider a true lady talent.

brain power  the difference between my brain when i was in grad school compared to my brain now is that i used to think more actively and comprehensively.  since each week we were required to read several research papers and textbook chapters, my mind was constantly swarming with information and thoughts and ideas.  now... not so much.  a well read lady trains her mind to think - exercising it and strengthening it.  and a well trained mind grasps onto new information faster and more efficiently.

consciousness  these days, awkward moments no longer phase me since they're so common to my existence.  but one of the moments i shy away from is when someone steers a conversation in the direction of have you heard of such and such? and you have no idea what they're talking about.  while it would be impossible to know everything in the world at every moment, it is good to be well-informed.  many of you also know that i've recently read many books on personality development.  (sorry to those of you who've had to listen to me give speeches about birth order or whom i've tried to psychoanalyze without your consent)  in any case, i'm finding that reading also develops self-consciousness, which, when read with discernment, can be vital to awareness and improvement of character development.

decision-making  when my sister was pregnant with the cutest baby on earth, she sent me her amazon wish-list to prevent me from buying random crap for her baby shower.  i remember thinking she was ridiculous for wanting so many books on parenting and baby-raising instead of cute fluffy stuffed animals and fun onesies.  but the truth is with reading comes the knowledge needed to navigate through many of life moments.  in my sister's case, how to feed her toddler or what doctrines to follow in terms of discipline.  a lady is able to acquire a vast amount of knowledge through books and gather information through discussing topics with other people, which gives her the ability to make informed decisions.

people skills  small talk has its place in social gatherings and can be a great diving board into deeper conversation.  but i always experience that awkward moment when small talk dies and i'm left standing there in front of my new acquaintance, looking at the door trying to think of a good segue out of the conversation. sometimes having a storehouse of knowledge and information can facilitate in getting to know someone better and having meaningful conversation that leaves both parties with a deeper understanding of each other.

i guess it's not so much about cramming your brain with a whole bunch of random information but rather filling up on a variety of knowledge as you seek to find guidance and wisdom as well as reading up on things you're passionate about or interests you and that allows you to share with other people.

feel free to object to any of my beliefs on the lifestyle of a lady.  these come primarily from my own understanding of how women were created to be based on what i've witnessed in my own family , what i've learned from jane austen and what i've gleaned from a few select bible heroines.  thank you 1900s feminist movement for your hard work but the side effects of your achievements have also caused much havoc to the modern female life that i'm looking to change.


it seems as though the new noblewoman has beat me to the chase with an exhaustive list of hobbies for the noble woman.  guess i can just link to her blog instead of finishing mine >__<

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