Tuesday, May 29, 2012

say "kimcheeeee"

ever since i got a smart phone, i've completely sucked at taking pictures every chance i get.  you'd think it'd be easier given that my phone is nearly glued onto some part of my body at any given time.  unfortunately any pictures i do take end up spending the rest of their lifetime sitting inside sd card heaven, never to be shown to the world.

and then i inherited my sister's dslr, who's physical condition is hurting still.  and because it's so gigumbus and i don't trust myself carrying it around without the case, it usually spends most of its days at home - safely nestled between padded partitions.

but i realize when i do take pictures and extract them from their dormant state within a memory card, i'm so glad i lugged around the behemoth or remembered to grab the cellphone from my back pocket.  some moments deserve more than just my mental RAM for capturing.

so note to self, take more pictures =]

also got to visit my old coworker terra at her home, which easily became my dream home.. >_<

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  1. Love how you turn something seemingly mundane sound eventful. Keep it up =P