Thursday, June 28, 2012

blessings in disguise

when i'm all snuggled in bed ready to go to sleep and i realize i forgot to brush my teeth
blessing: squeezing in an extra workout into my day before i call it a night

wanting new work pants and finding that petite sizes are only available online and rarely on sale
blessing: budget management  
[addendum - small size also means money saved on food and being able to fit in a CT scanner]

not having a kitchen
blessing: unlike college where i could only afford costco mega packs of maruchan instant noodle, i now have the ability to explore all types of ramen

parents who bug me about the details of my life
blessing: parents who care about the details of my life

instead of dust bunnies, i have bunny furballs constantly floating around my home
blessing: a reminder that i'm never alone.  even if it's just my bunny keeping me company

got my nails done and then ruined them going to the bathroom before the polish dried completely
blessing: a lesson on vanity

see, life is full of small joys!

1 comment:

  1. :D very true. i like your perspective and encourage me to God's grace in big and small part of life :)