Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sleep escapes me

We learned a new song in acacia tonight. Gold star for rob who led it and made it sound really cool. When I looked it up on YouTube I was a little taken aback by its early 90s vibe but it's cool.. Groovy electric guitar solo, hippie male harmony, dream master synthesizer and all.

The Lord's my Shepherd I'll not want
He makes me lie in pastures green
He leads me by the still still waters
His goodness restores my soul

And I will trust in you alone
And I will trust in you alone
For your endless mercy follows me
Your goodness will lead me home

He guides my ways in righteousness
and he anionts my head with oil
and my cup it overflows with joy
I feast on his pure delight

And though I walk the darkest path,
I will not fear the evil one
For you are with me and your rod and staff
Are the comfort I need to know

Those team building trust-fall exercises we did in 6th grade camp out in the supervised wilderness made the concept seem so tangible and easy. Falling backwards into the spindly arms of fellow pre-teens was entertaining and fun and provided ante for much late night cabin chatter with my lady friends about which cutie dude got to catch us.

Real life trust is no party in the forest. Sure, there's a peace that comes when you can mentally put aside certain worries into the God compartment of your mind.. eventually. But until then there's no tangible evidence to give you the consolation that hope exists. And that sucks, lemme tell ya!

But as Luke puts it, when you pull the God-card, trusting has to happen. I'm thankful that his mercy is endless and purpose is perfect. And even though I anticipate rainbows and butterflies and magical appearances of unicorns and bubbles and everything that is perfect, I'm trying my best to let his words and promises be true in my heart.

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