Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the beginning of the rest of my lif.. 2 years

first day of [grad] school tomorrow!!

maybe i'm way too old for this but i miss the years when my mom would have to wake me up several times in the morning to get ready for school.. sometimes she'd lay out my clothes on my bed so i wouldn't even have to think about what i'm pulling over my head - or whether my top and bottom matched. in elementary school, me and my sister would pick out hair ties for my mom to put in our hair while we ate breakfast. and then, if we weren't being sent off to the bus stop, we'd be rolling into the minivan on our way to school. of course, if it were the beginning of the school year, our new backpacks would be filled with folders, notebooks, binder paper and sharpened pencils and a new box of crayons to stock my desk with. oh yes, and lunch. my mom always made my lunch for me :D

fast forward 15 years. first day of school.. i scrounged around my room for a blank notebook unused because i slept through most of the psych 1 class i'd originally intended it for. found a few pens and pencils and stuffed them into the front pocket of my backpack. lunch? ehh. i'll probably just stop at in n out before class. no back to school clothes shopping. no cute folders with smiley pikachus on the cover. no ride to school....

don't get me wrong - i'm sUper excited about going back to school.. in davis of all places! all the events that led to me getting the (emailed) acceptance letter to grad school has been a crazy god blessing in every single aspect. i really can't be any more happy = ] a part of me just misses being a stinky kid at home.. coming in and out of the house knowing my mom's always gonna be there.

rats. i believe this is what people call .homesickness.

nevertheless, SUPER excited for tomorrow!!!

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