Wednesday, September 9, 2009

faith and salmon

i think this is an appropriate follow-up post to my (lack of) exercising entry:

last night after work, i decided to go pick up some salmon roulettes (sUper delicious with a great price) for dinner at trader joe's. (luckily i was able to find parking at the folsom blvd location before the slough of vehicles that followed closely behind me)

after entering the store, i made a straight beeline towards the frozen seafood section and grabbed 2 packs of salmon. ..not that they ever run out of anything, because that is the awesomeness that is TJs ^_< afterwards, i went to check out what frozen desserts i could potentially fortify my evening meal with when i was approached by this big beefy looking dude. at first i thought he was just gonna grab a box of mochi ice cream but instead he looked at me a little surprised and said, "heyy weren't you just at gold's gym??" oh mann.. i nearly died with surprise first of all because going to the gym is not something i would subject myself to. ever. and second, do i look like i go to the gym?! i have a coworker who calls me .veal. purely because of my lack of muscle tone. hahaa so instead of raising one eyebrow and saying ::what?! you kidding me?!!:: i laughed politely and mentioned that he'd mistaken me for someone else.

walking away, my first thought was dang, that was weird. later i decided it was probably the best compliment i could ever receive.. someone thinks i work out!! as ironic as that sounds, i like it. unfortunately, logic set in pretty quickly and realized that he probably just saw another asian girl and decided we were all the same person.


haha i guess i should also mention that due to craziness of schedule and other sorts of things i do, i haven't turned on my wii fit in about a month. >_<

another reason why i have no time for physical activity is due to the following:

people keep telling me to put these up for sale, which honestly doesn't sound too bad at this moment with tuition and all >_< but i think one of the reasons why i love making these little monster dudes is because i love giving them away.. i really wouldn't know how to put a price on them because the sum of all the materials is seriously less than $2. and for some people, relaxation and de-stressing means working out (HA), reading, doing laundry.. for me, it's making yards of fleece come alive = ] so... instead of setting up an etsy shop or self advertising, i think i'll just keep them for myself until someone worthy of monster possession comes along.

also... i've been thinking a lot more about missions lately.. maybe because it's been such a huge point at dccc and acacia this summer ^_< but really thinking about the little talents that god's blessed me with and how that all works in the whole scheme of matthew 28:16. i'm beginning to really believe that this mentality i have of what life should be like has so much been bent by a culture that has gone so far from what god originally set out for us. i mean, when someone can't stand to throw away food because of .starving kids in africa. do you really believe that? that child slavery and human trafficking occur across the ocean and maybe even in your neighboring city? that water is a scarcity elsewhere and something as common as diarrhea after mcdonald's can mean death for millions of individuals? a lot of times when i think about it really hard, i get really cynical and frustrated over why these terrible things exist. i mean, using john 9 to explain suffering really doesn't do it for me when innocence is sacrificed so crudely. how will god's glory be revealed in all this?? and yet we are called to continually serve the weak, and the poor, and the orphans, and the hungry.. with the spirit of god and the strength of his love.. that's big!

so what about wanting to finish a master's program or working a full time job or wanting to raise a family in a home with a super awesome kitchen? i don't think these are necessarily dreams that come solely from the american culture rather than a desire that god's implanted in me. the difference is how i live this life to give him all the glory. and that's how i started thinking of how i can also contribute to this global operation carrying out god's love to others. mm.. i don't have any answers right now but i'm getting more and more excited to see how god would reveal his heart to me.

where a little faith's enough to see mountains lift and move.
how cool is that?!

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