Thursday, June 10, 2010

i want

even more than anything else going on in my life.. god i pray for a heart that is always as close to you as you are to me.

Do you ever have a sense of what's going to happen before it happens? Do you ever have a word of counsel or encouragement come to mind that carries an authority beyond your natural ability? If so, do you think that maybe God had a hand in it?

The truth is that God does communicate with His people. Typically, and most trustworthily, through Scripture. But also through the wise counsel of godly mentors. And sometimes in mysterious ways that Scripture describes as prophetic.

I'm not freaked out by that term. It's commonly discussed throughout the Old Testament, but also in New Testament. To me, it simply means that you've spent enough time "fellowshipping" with the Lord through reading Scripture and practicing prayer that you've become more tuned into discerning His "still, small voice." And over time, your perception of His voice becomes more precise.

I'm grateful that we've been invited to enjoy intimate relationship with the Lord. And part of that relationship includes supernatural communication, something that's at times prophetic, something that's admittedly beyond our understanding.

~Ted Slater, Boundless Line

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