Wednesday, June 23, 2010

loving my day off.

it's like one of those freaking out-of-my-mind happy days... hahaa

..or maybe i've just drunk way too much coffee ^_^

i got a hair perm last week. kind of wish i spent my $90 on something more useful.. like a car wash.. but in any case, i'm a girl and this is what we do. although i dID find out that i spend significantly less on hair than my male friend.

check this out: $12 every 3 weeks = $208 a year!!! whoahohoooo

haha sorry. didn't mean to throw you under the bus jack >_<

anyways, i asked the lady at the salon to give me fobby asian hair. what came out is neither fobby, nor asian, nor curly. it kinda looks like i just woke up from hibernation. plus, this mess of hair is very prone to absorbing bits of random junk that happens to fall in its path. the worst part is, even if i wanted to donate my hair now, i'm not sure that anyone would accept the crispy-friedness that has resulted from the peptide-bond breakage treatment. on the plus side.. i just might be able to grow dreads now. how cool would that be!??!? ^_<

just thought i'd share.

this weather makes me want to rock out to colbie callait.

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  1. yikes when you do the math that's a lot! hmm maybe it's time for me to switch to the shaggy look hehe. you on the otherhand should totally do the dreads...go for a rasta-deb look :P

    what exactly is fobby asian hair anyways??