Tuesday, October 5, 2010

class is in session.

my professor was talking about survey question formatting during class tonight when all of a sudden i pictured baby chara making her winky face whenever she's sprawled out on her changing table. omg so cute you don't even know. subsequently, for at least 3 minutes i had to try really hard to take deep deep breaths to suppress myself from laughing out loud. (and for at least 3 minutes i completely missed the section on how to code survey responses)

after i finally got my laughing muscles to calm down, it occurred to me that i'm not just laughing because chara is cute. i laugh because i love her and i love remembering how my sister takes care of her, and how much i love my sister.. and my brotherinlaw.. and on and on and on.. pretty soon, i was sitting back against my desk reveling beneath the fluorescent lights at all the things that cause my heart to love.

he will quiet you with his love. zephaniah 3

his is a love that saves and brings great joy and delight to those who receive it. and he never ceases to remind me of this through the things around me.

following this divine moment, i spent the rest of the night fixating on the obvious chalk dust mark left behind on my professors pregnant belly ;)

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  1. awesome. i love your blog. chara and I love you back.