Wednesday, October 13, 2010

kiwi mango smoothie

that is the most disgusting smoothie i've ever made.

but i drank it anyways because i didn't want to waste it.


2 fresh kiwis
3.6 oz mango sorbet

first, green and orange mixed together creates the color we commonly call "puce". otherwise known as barf. i drank it with a straw so i wouldn't have to look at it.

second, even though bath & body works might be able to pull off a kiwi mango lotion, taste is a whole different story.

so there you have it, the story of my smoothie. thank you for tuning in.


  1. my mom made me a fruit smoothie the other day which was really good. i think it was grapes, peaches and blueberries....

  2. blehhhhh.... this is much worse than miso....

  3. my dads friend made him a beef smoothie when he had his wisdom teeth out.