Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i'd rather

::mini scream::

i feel so behind in all my school work, project preparation, clinical observations, applications, everything.... biahhh unfortunately the relationship between me and my primary care physician boils down to me choosing a .nice. sounding doctor name online and having it printed on my insurance card. needless to say, i've never met her before. something tells me i don't think i'll find much luck asking her to write me a note for a few weeks of stress leave.

and then i find pictures like this one on etsy and i wonder why in the world i'm still in school and determined to go for even more. can't i just stay home and drink chai tea lattes and make unbelievably cool stuff?!?! (this thing sells for $49.. insane)

..not to mention how hard it is to stay away from my recently acquired november edition of martha stewart living.

siiiigh.. and now back to recognizing and treating delayed or failed lactogenesis II

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