Tuesday, November 2, 2010

that's the way the cookie crumbles

whoaaaa double rainb.. fortune!!
what does it meeeeann??

following a long conversation that raised more questions than it did answering, i walked into my kitchen, found my leftover fortune cookie from saturday night's take out and thought.. hey, why not give the cookie a say. i kind of wish i didn't.

wait. back track. i'm not superstitious or kooky like that. and i don't intend to make god into some magic ball sage who speaks through small pieces of paper. i don't take decisions in my life lightly.. but then.. sometimes it helps to not take things so seriously. especially now. when it's taking everything and my warm blankets not to run outside and scream for 20 minutes.

okay. cookie. i found two fortunes in mine. translated, the first one says all things are difficult before they become easy. and the second, the flies don't enter a closed mouth.

i suppose just about anything can be applied to your current situation if you want it to, right? but i'm not gonna lie. these little printed maxims may hold some truth.

meh. somehow between graduating and moving out on my own, i've turned into a complete emo schmemo.

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