Sunday, April 10, 2011

get it together!

meh.  i'm so tired.   

my room is a mess, dishes need to be washed, laundry needs to be taken care of and i think my bunny has been fasting for the last 2 days.  woops.

my coworker had convinced me that trader joe's jelly beans are the greatest so i bought a bag tonight hoping to eat them while watching the most recent episode of parenthood.  turns out, half of them are licorice.  yooooock.  and they're all a dark red color which makes them virtually indistinguishable from the blackberry flavor that is not too bad  =/  to make things worse, my internet connection is kapoooot.  i called at&t awhile ago to see if i could get a better deal on my internet.. now it seems i am paying $4 more per month and hulu streams at about 5 screens per minute.  what is going onnnnnn

happy news = i bought shawn mcdonald's cd back in my sophomore year of college.  and it's still good..   my youtube playlist is much easier than linking them out individually = ]

new week!  new joys!  here we goooo

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