Monday, April 4, 2011

bookshelf love.

Kindle edition: $9.87
Paperback: $10.19

Borders: $14.99

For a difference of 32 cents, I can have a paper copy to hold in my hands 2 days. I love Amazon and no matter how sad I am to see bookstores close around me, I'm still inclined to buy with 1-click ordering. But Kindle version?! I thought it'd be significantly cheaper than its printed equal. I can't think that more people are choosing wirelessly-sent texts over the real thing.

Remember the part in beauty and the beast where he surprises belle with a room full of books? SO great. I'd fall in love with a beast too.

what dr. mohler has to say about disappearing bookstores


  1. cant get a kindle edition used either!
    i dont think the world understands yet what the consequences & implications are of going fully digital. uncharted territories are sometimes a bit dangerous.

  2. i like both worlds..

    i like the feeling of a real book, and i like the fact that i can borrow and lend from/to friends. and for something like a book club it's a lot easier with the physical book. but i have way too many books lying around which takes up a lot of space.

    i mostly read free books on my kindle, amazon has a few new ones every week and a few of them are usually good. plus all the classics are free. the kindle is awesome for traveling, i can carry my entire collection with me and can usually finish a couple of books on plane rides...

    i agree with lkc though about the implications of digital books and drm, so if i actually spend money to buy the book, like 90% of the time i still buy the paperback...