Tuesday, April 19, 2011

not mine

the saddest part about turning twenty six is that my pandora one that my brother signed me up for last year will expire.  no white hairs yet!  woohoo

and seeing as it's been a hot topic as of recent, i'll hop on the bandwagon and share my thoughts.  = ]  i'm now 1465 days closer to turning thirty (holy spicy guacamole!)  i'm sitting here trying to come up with a list of things to do before i hit three-oh, but i'm realizing that i'm a lot better at listing things that need to be done within the next 24 hours than i am filling the following years of my life with giant idea bubbles.  i just dunno..

all i can think of right now..

visit a real life hippo - i once begged my mom to take me to the fresno zoo to see their hippo.  all summer long she said she'd take me but we never got around to entering the zoo gates.  finally when she was ready to take me, we read that the hippo died.

run a 5k - really ambitious, i know.  but i think i can do it, so long as i quit planting my butt in front of my laptop when i come home from work.  i should also consider getting some running shoes and gym shorts..

learn to take better pictures - i love looking at pretty things.  half the blogs i follow are just pretty pictures and artsy fartsy design stuff.  i don't need high tech camera or anything (i already bought a fancy $3.99 camera app for my phone to take care of that) i think i just need to learn to have a good eye for framing the subject.

visit my favorite niece - (as much as i possibly can)  i'm determined to make her first word be "bo"  :D  plus she's just mega cute and i don't want to watch her grow up through youtube videos.

go swimming - my coworker bought me a pair of flippers for my birthday a few years ago and they're sO cool.  like swimming on auto-pilot.  they're most fun to use in a lake but i've only gotten a chance to do that once.  for awhile i was taking them to the racquet club but found it kinda embarrassing that the saggy old guys were swimming as fast as me without any fins.  meh.

eat better - cooking for one is kind of a pain.  but it shouldn't excuse me from eating frosted flakes for dinner.  i know better.  (although, for all the fortification that's going on with breakfast cereals, it's practically like eating a bowl of vitamins)

remember what i read - i read tons of great books.  unfortunately i always get really excited about what i'm reading and have a tendency to read straight through a book - not giving myself enough time to process the information.  that combined with my peanut brain equals nothing being solidified into my mental RAM.

hmm.  well, there you go.  that's my bucket list for now.  there's also things like marrying a hot guy traveling and living in a house with a real stovetop but those tend to be a little more nebulous and cloudy so i'm just not gonna go there  ^__<

trusting in creative hands

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  1. hippos are so cool!!!!! i went to the SF zoo a couple weeks ago and it was one of the best animals. such big nostrils! and so happy in ze water!