Wednesday, March 30, 2011

snuffle bear says hi brenda

i think it's a girl thing.. to have weird obsession with pillows.  it's recently come to my attention that i have way too many pillows on my bed.  even though it's a gigumbus queen size bed with more room than i could possibly need, much of the surface area is occupied by my collection of pillows.  a little ridiculous - i find myself sleeping gingerly around my pillows in fear that i might accidentally push one over into the dark trenches between my bed and the wall.  last night i took three of the puffier ones out and found it to be a very liberating experience.

so out of the kindness of my heart, i'd like to donate my extra pillows to anyone who needs one.  any takers?  ^_<

secondly, this morning i turned on the tv to watch the news only to find that the only non-infomercial segment that airs this time of day is the view.  i used to watch it when lisa ling was one of the hosts many many years ago.  (go azn ppl!!)  surprisingly, barbara walters is still on the show.  she must be about 100 years old by now.  anyone else watch 20/20 every friday night when you were a kid?!

anyways, the topics on the show today nearly made me hurl.  (good thing i didn't cuz my breakfast was really good)  first topic on the show: 10 things mothers should never feel guilty about.  items ranged from choosing your work over your kids, lying to other moms about your kids, wanting to desert your kid after they puke all over you..  granted i have no idea what it's like to mother a small child but i hear it's not easy.  the problem with these discussions is that while they sympathize with women on the hardships with motherhood, they don't give them any sort of substantial encouragement on pressing on with their role.  instead, they tell women exactly what they want to hear, assure them that it's okay to feel selfish and justify their behavior.

topic two:  they hosted a lady who chose her career over her family and is now generating lots of heat over her decision.  this lady married her childhood sweetheart, decided she never wanted to have kids, but because of her husband, had 2 boys.  she later travels to japan for a couple months to write her book, comes back and decides she really doesn't want kids afterall, divorces her husband, and says her now 13 and 15 year old boys completely understand her decision to leave.  uhh.. i wouldn't be surprised if her boys fall into the 10+% of americans on antidepressants.  the hosts graciously thank her for being brave in offering an alternative view on the female role, seeing as they are sort of a woman empowerment segment, but it's really quite disturbing.

scary to think there are thousands of women at home right now watching this show and taking it all in.  ehh  oh well.  i get off my soapbox and get ready for work now.

pillows anyone?!?!


  1. HARLO SNUFFLE BEAR (i know i am not blenda, but just wanna say harlo to sir gerald!) sad that the view encourages such a worldly view of woman's role. sowwie, i think one pillow is enough for me :)

  2. hi snuffle bayah. ^__^ I can take a pillow. :)

  3. are pillows still being offered?! :D