Thursday, March 24, 2011

heaven's tree

started a new blog.  collaboratively this time  = ] 

this is how it came about:

mike sent an email out to sac small group about a book he'd recently picked up.  (i wonder what keywords he was searching to come across this book ^_< )

i was browsing the kindle store and found this book- "Calm My Anxious Heart: A Woman's Guide to Finding Contentment" - it's the highest rated free kindle book on amazon. despite the title i downloaded and read the first chapter- it seems pretty good and applicable to both men and women. the good thing about a kindle book is that there's no cover, so if someone asks you what you're reading you can say "uhhhhhhh........ i'm reading about cars. isn't the subaru impreza STI amazing...." anyways, hope this helps someone. isn't it weird how we can be so blessed materially yet struggle with contentment?

it turns out osmond had read it as well.  osmond reads a lot.  he writes,

I realize that Christian men miss out on a lot of really good material if we ignore the things women  have written.  Calm My Anxious Heart is one of the best books I have read.  I have just about every page highlighted.  It is intensely God-honoring, practical, relevant, Biblically-based, and uplifting.  

we wanted to start an email thread where we can share our thoughts about the book but decided that email spamming everyone probably isn't the most effective route of communication.  so a blog was suggested.  wallaaaaah!  hope you all will visit it and see what's going on over there.

and don't forget to comment!! may have noticed, i'm very blog oriented.  or rather, my thoughts are more constructive in writing than in real-time dialogue.  i always thought it'd be cool if there was a place online for people to share their thoughts and other fun things they see/hear/learn every day - seeing as most of us are in front of a computer all day at work  hehe  anyways, love to hear from you :D

lemme know if you want to be a contributor too!

rain is good for:

* free car wash
* excellent conditions for wearing rainboots
* better crop yields for the season, which hopefully means lower produce prices =/
* excuse for a bad hair day
* cheeseball asian music

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  1. in my defense... i don't search for women's books, dealnews sends me a list of new free amazon ebooks every week, that one had really good reviews...