Monday, March 14, 2011

ever feel completely useless?
well turns out, we are.
i hate watching the news but then i think, if i don't, i'm just being completely ignorant and made even more useless by not devoting at least a thought to people in need.  so i watch.  and my insides feel like they want to come out.

in new york on saturday, a tragic bus crash killed and injured all passengers aboard.  if not earthquake, then floods.  if not sickness, then accidents.  life is so delicate.  beautiful in its intricacies, but like a spider web, prone to destruction by the simple passing of lawn sprinklers.  why do i get a chance?

One thing I know that I have found
Through all the troubles that surround
You are the Rock that never fails, You never fail
One thing I know that I believe
Through every blessing I receive
You are the only One that stays, You always stay

You never change, You're still the same
You are the Everlasting God
You will remain after the day is gone and the things of earth have passed
Everlasting God
 keep talking to our father today..

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