Sunday, March 13, 2011

can't remember...

i frequently equate my memory capacity to that of a hamster -- and for good reason.  my short-term memory sucks.  meaning i usually find myself having to turn off my car, run back into the house and up the stairs to my room because i'd forgotten to grab the very reason why i was in the car in the first place.  i've come out of the grocery store with exactly what i didn't go in for.  i instantaneously lose my train of thought the moment it enters my head.  this list can get really long but i'll stop for the sake of not forgetting why i logged into my blog  >_< 

on wednesday this week, i'm going in for an MRI of my brain and i'm really excited.  i'm volunteering my noodles for someone's research at UCDMC, but mostly i just want to see what my brain looks like.  funny thing, when i was young i used to wish i could be diagnosed with a learning disability or some kind of brain abnormality.  i thought it'd be much easier to blame a neurological malfunction for having to try so much harder learning math compared to other kids. 

on the flip side, my long-term memory is kind of a super hero compared to its shorter counterpart.  it'd be nice if i could remember really important things like the sum total of 6 years worth of chinese school and maybe biochem.  but instead, i have this weird selective memory where the things that occupy precious space in my brain for years to come are mostly frivolous and trivial.  things like knowing apple juice gives kids diarrhea because of excess sorbitol =/  same with chewing lots of gum.

but i'm thinking maybe i can harness this super power of mine for good rather than letting it become a storehouse of extraneous facts.  anyone have any tips on how to voluntarily force things into my hippocampus?


  1. sounds like you need a "Momento" style momento. I.e. keep post-it notes everywhere. Document every thought at every moment on the post-its. I guess you kinda do that with blogging, but "Momento" does it at a pretty extreme rate.

  2. you should see all the notes lying around my room...