Wednesday, June 22, 2011

tortoise beats the hare, i hear.

my goodness.  i didn't realize there were training schedules like this for people running 10k races!  as you can see, i'm running a little behind.  meh hehe..  until now, i've only been going out to run as soon as i get home from work until it gets dark.  the window period for such to to take place is usually only about 20-30 minutes.  and seeing as yesterday was the longest day of the year, nights will only start ending sooner and sooner.  bah humbug.  what did i get myself into!?!?  maybe i'll just show up, grab my not-so-free tshirt and get frozen yogurt in nice air-conditioned store.  no electrolytes lost!  siiigh.

i invite you to witness the progression of my 10k training from now until july 16.  wish me luck!

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