Friday, July 20, 2012

Hold on tight!!

I remember going to the Verizon store one time and a sales rep was telling me how common it is for people to come in wanting to replace their cellphone because they'd dropped it in the toilet. I'd thought to myself, that's impossible! Or at least it shouldn't be that common. Since then, I've been extra conscious of my cellphone when it enters the bathroom and here are a few situations I've discovered regarding splashing cellphones:

1.  Leaving the cellphone in pocket. Depending on the depth or shallowness of the pocket, the slick-backed phone can easily slide out when you sit down. Also notice that when you come to a sitting position, the drop of the pocket shifts from vertical to horizontal; thus allowing the phone to escape into the pool.

2.  Holding the phone as you fumble with pant paraphernalia. This includes belts, buckles, buttons and of course.. well.. removal of said pants. Like the probability of a motorcyclist getting into an accident, sooner or later it's bound to happen that you misjudge the dedicated grip you have on your phone and accidentally let go as you zip down your fly.

3.  Balancing the phone on the toilet paper dispenser. Some establishments are considerate enough to install dispensers with a flat bed for which to rest the cellphone before completing the business. (this is generally true of larger business that cater to high foot traffic as these dispensers usually require 2 large tp rolls). Other less gracious places have odd shaped plastic containers that require you to strategically place your phone so that it doesn't slide off.. in worst case, into the pool.

4.  Resting the phone on top of your legs.  Don't judge. You've done it too - where you comfortably lay the phone atop your leg to watch a YouTube video or read from your Android kindle. Problem is, one wrong move and ploiiink!

5.  Remember, one thing at a time. When you're done, put the cellphone down. You can resume after everythings cleaned up ;)


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