Wednesday, July 4, 2012

show me yo moves

summer is the season for weddings.  no..  not just summer.  my twenties seem to be the season for weddings.   as such, i've attended several of these joyous occasions - witnessing teary vow exchanges, restless ring-bearers, pretty decorations, witty speeches, yum-O food and dancing.  

i've seen some pretty smooth dancers, some spicy stuff going on, dancers who think they're hot stuff but really aren't, people who can't dance but tear up the floor having the time of their life.. the best part is everyone is happy and having fun.  whether the level of happiness has anything to do with the free food and open bar is up for debate.  but even so, wedding goers are generally in a pretty positive mood celebrating the bride and groom's happy day.  and happy people dance when ne-yo's smooth as butter voice hits the floor.

lemme just put it out there that i am no dancer.  in college i took funky street style hip hop at the experimental college and the only skill i gleaned from that experience was how to sweat like a redneck.  i wish i could pop and lock like a jabbawockee but those dreams come rarely and only when i've eaten a significant amount of ice cream before hitting the sack =/  the point is, i love to "dance" when i'm feeling happy or an especially good song rolls through pandora.  happens when i'm getting ready in the morning, driving through the causeway, at work under the glass windows of my office, etc.

where dancing doesn't happen though, is at church.  unless you're in high school and you got forced to go to summer camp where cool preppy teenagers perform body worship to lifehouse.  i guess it's the lame-O kids who go to high school prom and forever change the innocence of happy dancingand thus, no dancing at church cuz that's what heathens do.

sing to the lord a new song, his praise in the assembly of his faithful people.  let israel rejoice in their maker, let the people of zion be glad in their king.  let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp.  for the lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with victory.  let his faithful people rejoice in his honor and sing for joy on their beds.  psalm 149

we actually do pretty well as a church according to this.  be play music.. we sing.. we rejoice and all that kinda stuff.  we even have the occasional tambourine, which is biblical.  but i sometimes wonder if the worship and singing portion of the church service could be a little more like a wedding party.  if anything, we could all use a little practice before we get to heaven where the disco ball never stops spinning.   and i believe there is a happy medium between clubbing and flag dancing.  there's also no excuse of being asian cuz.. it's obvious that azn pplz got movez.

i wonder myself.. that if making bacon and scrambled eggs can get me going in the morning, how much more would the king of kings, the one who gives me hope to wake up and face another day cause me to bust out some moves.  granted secular music almost always pwns CCM with better beats. But could our joy in christ pwn usher, chris brown and lil wayne combined?

oreo.. worship can take on a ton of different forms depending on each person's preference, comfort or premature development of arthritis.  if you can't dance, maybe you draw or write or stand with your arms held snugly against your sides.  god looks at your heart yada yada yada.  but if a cute bunny or winning sports play or driving base line or the sight of your significant other will cause us to shuffle your feet for joy, maybe we could dance in church too.

ps.  i clearly see that a glazed doughnut and mocha does not constitute as good dietary choices for dinner.  but it's so freaking good. 

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  1. here's one more video. this post actually reminds me of this song, cuz it has the stuff you talked about, wedding + asian guy dancing, plus i just think it's a cooler song than rain's...