Monday, July 9, 2012

let's begin again

pretty much for the last 9 years of my life i'd start a new journal sometime during july.  since it's now sometime during july, i'm finally taking a crack in my new one.  not much has changed since the first time i started journaling right before i started freshman year.  same place - in bed next to my favorite pillow in the world, same time - no earlier than 9pm, same pen - Pilot EasyTouch Fine Point, same heartpour.

for this years journal, i chose a nice dark, black number.  one because it looks cool and conveys a level of maturity that always seems to be beyond my reach and two, it mirrors very well my general state of emo-sity these days :D  is it just me or do other journalers feel overwhelmed and intimidated by so many empty pages?  in my weirdo psyche, i think i comes from an anxious anticipation of impending events that will eventually take literal form on those pages.  that scares me.  hahaa  oh dear..  i really should listen to my MFT sister and find myself a therapist.  or i could just stop thinking so hard =]

on lighter topics, currently
drink of choice: tazo organic iced green tea
snack of choice: hazelnut quadratini wafer squares  ..and maybe fritos too
mini series of choice: sherlock
gas station of choice: costco, always
shampoo of choice: pantene volume for thin hair  on sale!!!

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