Saturday, February 12, 2011

lovely to have my voice back

a short playlist at your disposal if you're ever sitting at your desk thinking, "if only i could listen to what she's listening to".  amazing isn't it?  it's like i can read your mind.  strange feeling to hear a song and in my weird and messed up psyche believe that it were written especially for me.  kidding....

wakeup starlight - one step away
jadon lavik - what if
jj lin - love & hope
nelly (sam tsui) - just a dream
adie - all i need is you
kari jobe - sweep me away
neyo (jason chen) - one in a million

and here's my request in return for your listening pleasure.  the weather is unbelievably perfect.  go enjoy it and remember to dedicate a few minutes of your fun to me while i sit inside my office.  thnx <3 

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