Saturday, February 26, 2011

take me back

oh my goodness!  i never thought i'd see this ever again!  when i was in third grade, my teacher would take us outside to make maple syrup/molasses pops in the snow - just like the native iroquois indians did in the back countries of new york.  (this was before hepatitis b became a public health crisis and teachers could feed their kids anything without prior parental approval)  such fun memories!  of course ours never looked as good as these pictures, seeing as our motor development skills hadn't quite perfected themselves just yet. 

sacramento was supposed to get some snow this weekend.. but from the looks of it, no snowflake stands a chance under the sun today >_<  hard to remember the days when i'd have to bring a second pair of shoes to change into when we got to school, leaving our snowy boots in the cubbies outside the classroom, making snow forts during recess, letting out mittens and gloves dry on top of the heaters..  and best of all, watching the news every morning after a storm to see if our school was closed for the day ^____^

ever feel like you just want to get away?

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