Tuesday, February 21, 2012

keeen-doh, i love you.

i compare it to the events that led me to my kindle.  for a long long long time i held fast to my values and adamant decision not to give in.  nothing could sway me and given the opportunity, i'd whip an argument that'd send you hiding under a chair with your tail between your legs.  (k, in my dreams i did but not in real life)  lots and lots of books on shelves are significantly superior to a cloud of text amidst the gray slab of plastic.  and my argument against costs doesn't even need elaboration.  end of story.

and then i went on a vacation, wherein every hand held this glorious plastic slab.  of course i stood firm to my principles but the premise of my stubbornness began to waver.  with every trip to the beach, my pages filled with sand that distorted the binding of the spine.  at every turn i'd catch sight of a book i  might want to read but couldn't justify the purchase.  i discovered i could borrow books from other kindle holders for free and that sac public library carries a selection of ebooks for lending as well.  and while the few books i carried in my luggage contributed to its exceeding the weight limit, my companions easily carried a library in their pocket.

it's not like i was consciously thinking about these things..  had it not been for this particular trip - being put in a very specific situation, i would have never given amazon the upper hand in selling me their product.  but given the circumstances and the serendipitous placement of 3 kindle-carriers in my view, i warmed up to the idea.  and that's when the true damage began.  once i became in the mindset of considering a personal slab of gray, every justification shifts in its favor.  a once disgusting piece of technology suddenly becomes one that i cannot imagine living without, completely enamored by its lifeless, dull shade of mouse fur.  i released my convictions and awaited its arrival in two days.

what's in comparison here?  i really don't know how to say since it's so near and dear.  but i'm just weary that given the right circumstances, many will knowingly (or maybe unknowingly until knowledge catches up too late) give up their convictions for things that are more lasting and binding than a kindle.

to my single lady friends, this is a heartfelt cry to you.  decide now what is important to you and never give that up.  trust in him who is faithful and make the vow to follow him.  never compromise.


  1. oh yeah i love kindle. it's awesome for traveling. my only gripe is that the lending library only lets you borrow once per month...

  2. lol it took me awhile to figure out what you were talking about! ha so did you buy it? :D which model, the fire? you liking it?

  3. @mike, only once a month?! behh
    @bruce, i have a chronic condition of writing in extreme vagueness. glad you could sort it out. i have the most basic kindle and it's working our great so far!