Monday, February 13, 2012

Maui maui mow-yeeeee

That's the view from our condo balcony. Pretty sweet. What woulda been even sweeter would be taking this shot with my dslr loaded with 35mm 1.8 prime lens plus wide angle attachment lens.  Too bad stupid butterfingers here let it crash to the ground at security in the Alaska airline terminal. Stupid screen on the stupid camera stupid popped out.

The good news is the gigumbo price I paid to fix the shutter is still intact. But the stupid screen won't turn on. So my skillz are really being put to the test now that I can't immediately preview every pic I take. Goin' old schooool. Also, I can't change my ISO. Yeah, I say that like I know what I'm talkin bout.

Please keep all fancy objects outside my reach.

Other than that, maui is pretty freaking rainbow-everyday awesome.


  1. what!! le cam is broken?!? hope you get it fixed soon :D have fun in maui!!!!

  2. ahh sadness... is the lens okay at least? i dropped my camera not too long ago- the body was okay but the lens was seriously messed up.... cost me like $250 to repair it.