Wednesday, February 8, 2012

playing around with manual

for camera pros out there this must be pretty elementary, but i'm finding that capturing the image you want is a really tricky play with balance  and that balance is all up to the photographer's discretion.  should i make the flying squirrel look like he's whizzing through the vastness of the forest?  or do i want to stop him in action and catch him winking at me?  too bad for me i'm so slow at changing the settings that i'm more likely to miss the action and end up taking a picture of the poor squirrel after he's missed the next branch.  anyways, i think that's really cool.  another concept i learned from the class is to take pictures unlike how the normal eyes sees an object.

that up there is my stupid sink faucet.  as you can see from the trajectory of the water coming out, its angle causes tons of unwanted splashing and wet socks.  pehhhh

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