Saturday, February 4, 2012

to capture life

what i didn't expect was to turn into a sapball emo mess halfway though the photography class i went to this evening.  so great!

i walked into the building and found myself a seat in the third row feeling completely self conscious and awkward as normal.  the event center was dimly lit with low chandelier lighting while the stage was getting last minute prep.  i yawned about 9485679 times since i'd just had a gigumbus lunch and was surrounded by 49874059 other people.  the situation seemed pretty grim from the get go and i was pretty sure i coulda spent fifty bucks on some cute shoes instead of taking a really expensive nap.  fortunately the 60+ year old couple sitting next to me kept me from dozing off with their bickering over what they thought facebook really was.  it's really too bad they had no way of entering themselves into the prize drawings by liking the photographers on facebook..  anyways, twenty minutes passed and rocky music started to play and the class began.

the best kind of people i've met in my life are those who instantly exude the entirety of their life's passion and purpose within the first 5 minutes of their introduction.  and this couple that led the class did just that.  they introduced themselves, they explained that they would be teaching us the basics of shooting manual, and they let it ring loud and clear the purpose of why they shoot without a pulpit, a promise ring or a bridge drawing on a napkin.  and then halfway through the class, they showed a video on their project called Vision Culture and i turned into mushball.  50% of all their profits go towards this project where they support organizations that rescue and care for orphans, trafficking victims and really, anywhere else they see need.  it's so inspiring to see people be passionate about their work and be passionate about sharing christ's love and seamlessing weaving the two together in a such a beautiful way.  

their parting words weren't about the evilness that is auto, but to figure out our passion and purpose and to go out and capture it.

..and now i'm thinking i really need a wide angle lens asap  =/


  1. where did you find this photography class, was it one of those groupon or living social deals?

  2. yepp! through groupon. they are based in el dorado hills and have other classes too..

  3. niice sounds like you have a great class :) keep searching for your passion and make something good out of it :) press on! love those photos of the sisters at konditari!