Tuesday, October 9, 2012

the saga continues: introducing victreebel

a new one moved into my house not too long ago.  i call her victreebel.  victreebel brushes her teeth in the shower and leaves toothpaste wherever there is level surface area.. towel rack, faucet, mirror, etc.  i'm not really sure logistically though, how some of the blue goo got onto the toilet seat so i'll just leave it at that.  she must take care of all her oral health business at once cuz i've noticed her used up floss swimming inside the toilet.  maybe someone can confirm this for me: is floss flushable?  victreebel also likes to leave hair on the shower wall.  i dunno.. some people prolly just like to leave their DNA out for shares.  these i can handle.  but today, victreebel smeared some boogers on the shower wall next to her strands of DNA.  i'm a little grossed out.

1 comment:

  1. i laughed <3

    even your angst/venting is hilarious, mam.
    i only wish i could say i left those days of code-named roommates behind. it hasn't been as bad these days since i keep some shower stuff in my bedroom now...but i do remember staring long and hard at my scrubby thing after the kids gave their dog (who hadn't bathed in months) a bath in my same shower. unfortunately, the scrubby had to go.

    good luck, deborah!