Monday, October 10, 2011

decidedly rebellious.

it goes something like this:

i'm supposed to drink something warm when i'm feeling crampy.  what do i do?  go for a 16oz. cup of mr. pibb.  with ice.  twice.

i'm supposed to wear a hairnet in the kitchen.   i've chosen not to wear it defiantly after hours.  why?  i didn't blow dry my hair for 15 minutes into a poof just to let it die under the meshed hideousness.

i'm told to keep the music down in the car so as not to ruin my hearing.  except that i take "feeling the music" very literally.  plus, technology is getting pretty awesome.  hearing aids are gonna be the new ipad.

i'm wondering if these tendencies have more serious implications on my life choices than i care to admit.

1 comment:

  1. if i ever get my truck fixed and running again, i'll let you sit inside and "feel" the music as desired. =) (hearing aids may come in handy afterwards too)